A Different Beginning

When I first had the brilliant idea for this blog I had grand visions of cooking, preserving and generally spoiling my husband with the most delicious food-stuffs. Then he decided to go paleo, then vegan, then gluten free, then sugar free … and the list goes on. While I fully support his reasoning (attempting to combat chronic pain without prescription meds) it does make it hard to meal plan when one person’s diet is constantly changing. So my original plan failed – or at least needed to take a break.

Not that I’ve just sitting around doing nothing! I tried my hand at being a real estate developer. That was HARD! I love design and houses and all the fun parts that going into making a place a home but the nitty-gritty of working through regulations, permits, contractors etc. … That part is not glamorous. Necessary, but not glamorous. I hope to try it again some day, but not right now.

After that I joined forces with my Aunt Patty and became Girl #2 of 2 Girls and A Bus and had a blast refinishing furniture, going to craft and antique fairs and selling our wares. The people we meet – other vendors and our customers – made selling fun and the work feel rewarding. But again … life changes.

Now I’m pregnant, giving up my place on the Bus and scared to death/looking forward to whatever might come next for me and my growing family. And I’d like to write about it.

What can you expect? I’m not entirely sure, we’ll learn that together! I still love preserving and fresh produce and my garden is growing (!!) so I’m sure I’ll be writing about that. I’ll also probably share some refinishing projects that I work on – because those give me a sense of pride and accomplishment when they’re done. And there are some days where I think I have the best thoughts about completely random things – so there will be some of that too. Just don’t set your expectations too high and I’ll try to exceed them!

Let’s see how this different beginning goes …

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