About Me

Katie Fleischmann HS

This needs an update … Coming Soon!

My name is Katie and I am perfectly content spending all day in the kitchen. I’ll mill around taking stock of breakfast options while sipping my coffee all the while figuring out what can be made out of what else exists in the fridge/freezer/pantry/counter. Some of my creations have failed, miserably, but others have been a pleasant surprise. I’ve been dabbling in food preservation since 2012 and have come to really love it. But what do you do with the pretty jar of pickled beets or kitchen sink chutney that are taking up space in your pantry? I’m still not sure about chutney, but my aim is to provide you with recipes using what’s fresh at the market now, how to preserve that wonderful fresh flavor for 6 months down the road and how to use up those stores of perfectly fresh goodness that you canned up during sunnier days.

See Saw SleepsI’m a Washington State grad (Go Cougs!) who, along with my wonderful husband and our kitty, See Saw, has recently moved to beautiful Bellingham, Washington where I grew up but haven’t lived since college. A new house always takes time to make it a home and while the interior is coming along, I’m looking forward to the weather warming up a little so I can get my garden beds in position and ready for spring planting (though there seems to be a small herd of deer who munch their way through the neighborhood every few days so it may be a trying year for the garden and a plea to the hubby for a fence for Christmas). I’m still learning (a lot!) and look forward to bringing you a view of what’s going on in my kitchen and maybe, just maybe, you’ll try some of it out in yours.

Thanks for coming!